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Granules Packing Machines

Granules Packing Machines

Machines Suitable for Granules, Sugar, Pulses, Spices, Detergents, Souf & All types of free flow powders

Granules/free flow powder Packing Machine
A vertical Form-Fill-Seal Intermittent machine suitable to pack Tea, Souf, Snuff, tobacco, Pan Masala, Spices, etc.

Specification :-
Mechanical cam driven operation with fixed speed.
* Motorized film roll unwinding mechanism.
* Machine equipped with motorized batch printing & eye mark sensor.
* Perforation system to produce chain of pouches.
Granules Packing Machines
Body of Machine : Machine fabricated in M.S & thoroughly painted. All contact parts are of S.S.304.
Change Part : Cup Set & Former set
Packing Material : Any heat Seal able laminate film such as pet/poly or Pet /metpet /poly/ aluminum foil
Sealing Type : Center/Side sealing pillow pouch.
Out-Put : 30-60 Packs/Min. The out-put depends upon product characteristics, packing material quality
Filling of material : Volumetric cups
Electric : 230 volt, Single Phase
Moter : 1 H.P.Single Phase

Other : Available in Mechanical & Pneumatic version
Batch cutting is optional attachment required 6 kg air

Filling Range
Pouch Length
Pouch width
Electric Power
0-20 gm
30-140 mm
18-90 mm
230 V Single Ph
20-100 gm
30-180 mm
30-120 mm
230 V Single ph
30-50 p/Min
50-250 gm
30-250 mm
30-160 mm
230 V Single Ph
30 P/Min
200-1000 gm
100-260 mm
60-220 mm
230 V Single Ph.
15-20 P/Min
Salient Features :
Telescopic disc arrangement to increase & decrease volume.
* You can change pouch size with easy operation.