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Multi Track Packing Machines

Multi Track Packing Machines

Machine is suitable for Liquid, Shampoo, Ketchup Oil, Cream, Granules Etc.

Body of machine : M.S. Powder Coated / Stainless Steel

All part coming in contact with the product is in stainless steel

Filling Of Product : Suitable as per product (Liquid, Viscous, Granule)
HEIGHT  :  1750 mm
GROSS WT. :  Approx. 350 Kgs.

Filling range : Changeable as per product
Pouch size : length 180 mm max
Out Put : 40 pack/min/Head.

Packing material : Max width 600 / 800 / 1000 mm. Any heat seal able Laminated
Sealing type : Four side seal-/ continuous sealing
Electrical power : Single ph 1H.p./ Three phase 415 volt 50Hz
Other : Machine available in mechanical / pneumatic versions Machine controlled by PLC
Tracks depend upon pouch width : Film Pulling through Nip Rollers controlled by CBC & PHOTOMRK Unit Pouch width adjustable as per requirement.

Optional :
Take off conveyor, Servo drive, Coding, batch cutting.